Visual Merchandising Art

Every Christmas I love to visit London to see the impressive Displays that instrument the advertising of so many stores.  Some are incredibly inventive and original, some tell or a story or carry a theme. I have always had an eye in previous retail work to display the windows in an eye-catching way to promote stock, and it was always important to keep the process moving to keep up with trends and special times of the year. The power of the object seems popular throughout displays, seductive themes of dadaism and surrealism pop up now and again, however recently I have seen more minimalist themes, with clear and simple decoration with elegance, which includes more focus on the goods. They have an ability to communicate by revoking something from reality, and with a 3D sense it eliminates a sense of stillness and enables the viewer to interpret their own imagination and thoughts.

These are some of my favourite Displays…

New Yorks Cartier Display- The display makes a journey out of the window and out covering the building in the form of a wrapped bow! It makes everyone look tiny in comparison and was a great attention seeker!



Cole Hardware store in San Francisco- broomstick theme for Halloween


Selfridges – Bright Young Things Window

Bright-Young-Things-window-Selfridges-London Bright-Young-Things-window-Selfridges-London-02 Bright-Young-Things-window-Selfridges-London-04

In contrast these display  have been made by students by scraps from their own homes and studios..the effect of this hands on display it quite abstract in away and quite contemporary, reflecting a child like display. I have taken a liking to them as they project a humorous kind of strategy.

img_0401 img_4630 img_4640 img_4649 img_46242


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