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Initial logo ideas for TEC-nical



New Inspiration

With a new project to design a new logo for a starting business I have begun to look at some well know graphic artists and logo designs that have been successful.

I looked at Michael Bierut who develops a simple yet bold visual language for a design. His work suggests there is something exciting beyond the horizon. He re designed the logo for fifth avenue the large retail company where he broke the original black and white square into fragments, flipped and turned them around to produce hundreds of different patterns. The clean bold typography adds a sophistication and modern look, representing the store well.


in 1960 Ivan Chermayeff and Tom Geismar designed the first abstract logo for a large corporate American company. The design was simple- four blocks that fitted together to make an octagon. It stood out from the competition as it was like no other logo.



New Blood Art Gallery

How wonderful it was to meet the founder of New Blood Art gallery last Tuesday. Sarah was really interested in my piece ‘lost connections’. I got some great feedback and had a lovely chat about my work. As a bonus she spoke about my piece on the New Blood Art gallery Facebook page, and also featured as the cover photo-so exciting!


Visit New Blood Art online to see some amazing new and emerging artists..

Degree Show piece ‘lost connections’

I use maps as a way of exploring identity. Cutting out the land between the roads to reveal connections to mimic the veins and sillhouettes of people. Each map is unique just like each person on the planet, the maps represent the memories and places people have been as well as projecting a feeling of loss within an identity.











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