When in Rome

Not a spontaneous trip as such, but one a bit more planned for a birthday treat. I had been to Rome before when very young, but i couldn’t much remember what it was like- even the Colosseum was a misty memory.


I went mid-April, so it wasn’t too hot, as my skin does not do the real heat! But 26 degrees with the sun shining every day was just perfect. The hotel (hotel Delle Nazioni) was an exceptionally great location for walking around. The area was almost like the Soho bit of London, where you find all the quirky places to eat and bars all sprawling out onto the cobbled streets. It was just a 30 second walk from the Trevi, unfortunately it was covered in scaffold. My friends who had been had warned me about this, as work has been going on for some months now- lets hope when finished it will look restored and more beautiful than ever! I searched for more fountains as I roamed the streets, as one of the reasons to me Rome is so beautiful and unique is due to the array of fountains that take center stage throughout the Piazzas.


Piazza Novana -the largest in Rome, had a wonderful large fountain in the middle, crowded with people and their selfie sticks, I still managed to get a good view of the ancient stone carvings and gushing water. To sit there and listen to the sound of water, just whisked me away from the frantic crowd, and allowed myself to enjoy and take in the surroundings. It was here that I had my first Italian Espresso of the trip- now i am a caffeine addict, but it’s safe to say after that I will still be sticking to my cappuccino’s- ‘Wowcha’ what a hit!

IMG-20150419-WA0049  IMG-20150418-WA0001

I can’t not say anything about the marvel of the Colosseum. It was magical, and it stood there in all it’s glory. I had already bought tickets to go inside, however there was a huge queue, and from what felt like just 5 seconds in the queue, I was approached and persuaded to skip it for an hours guided tour for just an extra 10 euros! It was definitely worth it, as our tour guide was precise, quick and clear, with no awful waffling as many tour guides can sometimes be.

I wanted to try and get the best view possible of the Colosseum, so I wandered through the forum area, making my way up to the hill and gardens, where there was a secret tunnel which lead to an amazing view…


Before even arriving I knew I would love this City for one thing- their love of food! Slices of chunky pizza heavy with toppings, bowl fulls of fresh pasta and of course Gelato! Where I was having 4 ice creams a day quite literally. But I wasn’t sorry, as the vast selection of ice cream flavors was enough to make you eat only ice cream! I tried so many but not nearly tried them all; nutella, chocolate, vanilla, pecan, lemon, and cookies and cream were my favorites. With a scoop of vanilla on the lemon sorbet I think that had to be the ultimate combo! Four cones a day consisted of one after breakfast, lunch and dinner- and I even went out to get one for a midnight stack!

gelato  IMG-20150418-WA0020  IMG-20150419-WA0024 IMG-20150419-WA0023  IMG-20150419-WA0021 IMG-20150419-WA0027  IMG-20150420-WA0004


A Taste of Prague

It felt like being in a fairy tail. The castle that lit up at night, surrounded by the medieval architecture, walking along the cobbled streets, eating hearty food, drinking Czech beer, and hot chocolate- which was the most gooiest, and richest chocolaty kind on the planet!

IMG-20141223-WA0032  IMG-20141223-WA0028

Having visited all the main attractions including Prague Castle, Old Town Sq, Wenceslas Sq, St Charles’s Bridge, Petrin Hill and the incredible piece of modern architecture- the dancing building- a Gothic and Art Nouveau architectural stock.

Seeing the John Lennon Wall was incredible. Since the 1980’s this wall has belonged to him, as he was seen as a hero to the youth of Central and Eastern Europe during the totalitarian era. Prior to this, when communism ruled western pop songs were banned, especially Lennon songs. When he was murdered in 1980 he became a sort of hero to some of the young and his picture was painted on this wall, along with graffiti defying the authorities. Graffiti first in the form of Beatles lyrics and odes to Lennon, then people started to paint their own feelings and dreams on the wall. It was inspirational reading all of the messages, and people to this day still add to it.

IMG-20141223-WA0015 IMG-20141223-WA001320141221_152815 (1)

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