Think, Share, Decide.

“One vital component of decision-making that is often overlooked is quiet contemplation. After looking at all the stats, speaking to all the experts and analyzing all of the angles, then take some time to yourself to think things through clearly.” – Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Group

I find that decision making is one of the most difficult aspects of life, and thinking is a large part of it, and working out whether the right decision will be made.  I always try to say to myself to go with my gut instinct, however it should never be a snap judgement call, as thinking carefully is vital to weighing up the pros and cons of a situation, looking at the factors and seeing which may work out best for the long term and short term. However we can’t predict the future, so dwelling on something too much isn’t healthy. So what is the right length of time? How long should it take before you can feel comfortable in the decision you make? To help, take insights from others, get a conversation going, more brains put together can be more valuable than one just thinking alone. As Thinking can be lonely, and you can get caught up in a frenzy of unhealthy thoughts, and in the end not make a good decision. There will come a time when you will need to make the decision, and in the end you will make it, so what ever it may be think carefully, share it and Decide.



In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Victory.”

Having heard about the horrific Paris attacks this morning I am finding it difficult to write about a personal victory. Therefore I am dedicating this post to all of the victims that lost their lives last night, and their loved ones.

I’m sharing the below image which was tweeted by many celebrities and people this morning to #Prayforparis and hope that one day we will celebrate the victory over defeating terrorists.

Celebrities have taken to Twitter to express their love and support for Paris after a series of horrifying attacks that killed more than 150 people have shocked the entire world

Amsterdam Weekender

What a beautiful City. I visited a few weeks ago with quite a few friends, but it’s only just now that I decide to blog and share my photos with the rest of you! I was in ore, and completely fell in love with this city. The lifestyle was so relaxed, and the landscape so colourful this time of year due to the trees that line the canals changing to golden red and orange blankets. The canals themselves with the long boats floating along quite peacefully, and the cute bridges arching over  just added to the romantic setting.

One of my favourite places was Vondel Park. As there were quite a few of us, we decided to hire bikes and traditionally ride around the City for a day. It was the best idea we had had as it made the getting around much more quicker and enabled us to admire the good Dam life! Although some of us didn’t take to the bikes quite so well…

The coffee shops and array of bakeries around the main square were just amazing, every shop was so quirky, with different groups of people relaxing or chatting amongst themselves. We mooched around the streets, trying all sorts of tasty pastries, mostly the ones covered in Nutella for me. My best find was the Nutella Ice Bakery which provided all sorts of treats including warm muffins filled with Nutella and extra smothered over the top- absolute bliss!



Seasons change

Is it me, or has it been one of the warmest November’s!? It’s usually September that’s the Indian Summer month, but we are now nearly mid November and I have had no need for a scarf or woolly hat through this Autumn! Kind of disappointing seeing as I am a winter person, and love the cosy nights, wrapping up and feeling the cold crispy air on my face. Question is, when will the season change, as it still feels as though we are in a summer month!

I took this photo the other day, walking along the south bank, whilst coat was in hand. The sun was starting to appear through the mist at lunch time, it had lurked around all morning and once it was out, the warmth was incredible..

“Ornate” – Patterns in Nature

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Ornate.”

When I think of Ornate, I think of how patterns in nature are so extravagant, and so other worldly. I find macro Photography is great way at looking deeper into the subject form of nature’s patterns. From tree bark and the way it twists and turns, the vibrant oranges and yellow colours in stone structures, puddles creating shimmery mirrors reflecting light to the intricate veins running through leaves and petals, all should be admired. The creativity in Nature is endless, and so breathtakingly beautiful.

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