Amsterdam Weekender

What a beautiful City. I visited a few weeks ago with quite a few friends, but it’s only just now that I decide to blog and share my photos with the rest of you! I was in ore, and completely fell in love with this city. The lifestyle was so relaxed, and the landscape so colourful this time of year due to the trees that line the canals changing to golden red and orange blankets. The canals themselves with the long boats floating along quite peacefully, and the cute bridges arching over  just added to the romantic setting.

One of my favourite places was Vondel Park. As there were quite a few of us, we decided to hire bikes and traditionally ride around the City for a day. It was the best idea we had had as it made the getting around much more quicker and enabled us to admire the good Dam life! Although some of us didn’t take to the bikes quite so well…

The coffee shops and array of bakeries around the main square were just amazing, every shop was so quirky, with different groups of people relaxing or chatting amongst themselves. We mooched around the streets, trying all sorts of tasty pastries, mostly the ones covered in Nutella for me. My best find was the Nutella Ice Bakery which provided all sorts of treats including warm muffins filled with Nutella and extra smothered over the top- absolute bliss!




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