Lemon & Ginger

Recently I have been starting my day with the concoction of lemon and Ginger tea. I had read about it’s amazing way to revitalize your body and help in so many different ways to improve your health. I used to think how on earth could you start your day without coffee!? But this really works, and if you can get through two days of replacing coffee with this drink, you are on your way to a more hydrated, more detoxed and healthier you! These are just some of it’s super powers…

* Relieves stress and mood swings
* Fights off flu, cough and cold
* Fights against cancers
* Keeps motion sickness at bay
* Aids digestion
* Eases joint pain in arthritis
* Improves immunity
* Enhances blood flow
* Prevents heart disease
* Cures low grade fever
* Refreshes the mind
* Detox your body and eliminate toxins

Easily make it by just using 5 cm ginger root, 1 Litre fresh water, 2tbsp  organic lemon juice, 1-2 tsp honey– Finely chop ginger root and infuse in freshly boiled water for at least 20 minutes, so the infusion maximizes the transfer of the active ingredients into the liquid. Add lemon juice, honey and stir. Serve hot or cold for a refreshing and revitalizing treat 🙂




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