Rainforest and Waterfalls 08/02/17

A lovely 7:15am pick up from our guide on Barefoot Tours, we headed straight to the Daintree Rainforest. A largely protected piece of rainforest, home to many rare plants and animals. It was definitely the day where i thought i’d finally come face to face with a snake or crocodile.

Lake Echam was the first stop, home to a croc..apparently, but that didn’t stop us from jumping into the turquoise blue water. We made friends and had morning tea and cake with beautiful views. I soon picked up on the fact we would be fed well on this trip, our guide had 3 cool boxes stuffed with cake, happy days.

Visiting a 300 year old fig tree made for a quick 3 minute pit stop en route to our next destination. It was massive, like something out of Tarzan! We learnt that fig trees take over a host tree, like a pest, they completely destroy the original tree so they can grow from it.

Our third destination was our first waterfall, it was so surreal, hidden amongst the rainforest, with a large cascading fall over large bouldered rocks into the pool of water below, it was too tempting not to jump in!

Milla Milla falls was the one everyone was excited for. Famous for the Peter Andre’s ‘mysterious girl’ music video, and the location of the Herbal essences advert, where everyone lined up to do the famous hair flick for the obligatory Instagram photo, which we absolutely nailed fyi…

16427760_10155048595997082_4697038288345960226_n (1).jpg

Our last stop was Josephine falls, a few drunk people on the bus at this stage, we ended up naming the loudest kid on the tour ‘goon’ as he just wouldn’t stop raving about it. Mr Brightside and Red Hot Chilli’s made for a great playlist en route.

As we started walking to the fall, it started chucking it down, classic rainforest! We had our towels over our heads, but this was pointless. More coffee, cake and snacks to keep us going for the long, wet ride home. Goon was still pressing the chat.

Back to the hostel after dropping everyone off, we had to gather our things to then head back to main town at midnight to get our first grey hound bus.

It was 1am and chucking it down. I had left the food bag in a puddle. I had left my travel cushion in a puddle. I had dropped my phone and smashed the screen – I was also sun burnt. Ah, travelling!! Couldn’t wait to get on the bus and sleep.


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