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I had forgotten how fun creating mood boards were, and how visually appealing they can be once you get all of your ideas down on one page. Throughout my time at school, college and uni I would always need to create some sort of mood board or ideas page before starting a design or art project- making the time to get all my scrappy ideas and thoughts from my head down on paper, printing visuals and snapping photos, it was the best bit!

So the reason for this post is to show a few mood boards I have created recently, as I have been getting all sorts of waves of inspiration which has been so refreshing! I started off with an ‘Oceans Bliss’ board, as I guess spring/summer is on the way and I have too much excitement for beach trips and the sea air!

ocean 1
Ocean Bliss


simple things


Recently I’ve had the urge to start going wild with my paint, almost adopting a new way of creating, experimenting with technique and colour, creating a real sense of freedom and movement to the canvas, which feels so liberating!

Kandinsky quote-

~ I applied streaks and blobs of colours onto the canvas with a palette knife, and I made them sing with all the intensity I could – Kandinsky


IMG_20150822_115756 IMG_20150822_122932 IMG_20150822_142230

A Taste of Prague

It felt like being in a fairy tail. The castle that lit up at night, surrounded by the medieval architecture, walking along the cobbled streets, eating hearty food, drinking Czech beer, and hot chocolate- which was the most gooiest, and richest chocolaty kind on the planet!

IMG-20141223-WA0032  IMG-20141223-WA0028

Having visited all the main attractions including Prague Castle, Old Town Sq, Wenceslas Sq, St Charles’s Bridge, Petrin Hill and the incredible piece of modern architecture- the dancing building- a Gothic and Art Nouveau architectural stock.

Seeing the John Lennon Wall was incredible. Since the 1980’s this wall has belonged to him, as he was seen as a hero to the youth of Central and Eastern Europe during the totalitarian era. Prior to this, when communism ruled western pop songs were banned, especially Lennon songs. When he was murdered in 1980 he became a sort of hero to some of the young and his picture was painted on this wall, along with graffiti defying the authorities. Graffiti first in the form of Beatles lyrics and odes to Lennon, then people started to paint their own feelings and dreams on the wall. It was inspirational reading all of the messages, and people to this day still add to it.

IMG-20141223-WA0015 IMG-20141223-WA001320141221_152815 (1)

New Blood Art Gallery

How wonderful it was to meet the founder of New Blood Art gallery last Tuesday. Sarah was really interested in my piece ‘lost connections’. I got some great feedback and had a lovely chat about my work. As a bonus she spoke about my piece on the New Blood Art gallery Facebook page, and also featured as the cover photo-so exciting!


Visit New Blood Art online to see some amazing new and emerging artists..

Degree Show piece ‘lost connections’

I use maps as a way of exploring identity. Cutting out the land between the roads to reveal connections to mimic the veins and sillhouettes of people. Each map is unique just like each person on the planet, the maps represent the memories and places people have been as well as projecting a feeling of loss within an identity.











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