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I had forgotten how fun creating mood boards were, and how visually appealing they can be once you get all of your ideas down on one page. Throughout my time at school, college and uni I would always need to create some sort of mood board or ideas page before starting a design or art project- making the time to get all my scrappy ideas and thoughts from my head down on paper, printing visuals and snapping photos, it was the best bit!

So the reason for this post is to show a few mood boards I have created recently, as I have been getting all sorts of waves of inspiration which has been so refreshing! I started off with an ‘Oceans Bliss’ board, as I guess spring/summer is on the way and I have too much excitement for beach trips and the sea air!

ocean 1
Ocean Bliss


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“Ornate” – Patterns in Nature

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Ornate.”

When I think of Ornate, I think of how patterns in nature are so extravagant, and so other worldly. I find macro Photography is great way at looking deeper into the subject form of nature’s patterns. From tree bark and the way it twists and turns, the vibrant oranges and yellow colours in stone structures, puddles creating shimmery mirrors reflecting light to the intricate veins running through leaves and petals, all should be admired. The creativity in Nature is endless, and so breathtakingly beautiful.

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