Thank you for being my bridesmaid

This Summer I was honoured to be bridesmaid to my no1 best friend. That’s 23 years of friendship- a lifetime of beautiful memories. There’s not many people in this world that can say that they’ve known someone their whole life, and when i mean whole life i mean since we were bumps in our mums tums! So that explains the emotion that arrived on this day, it was overwhelming, I was so happy for her.

It’s days like these that you wish you could live every day, and thats why they are so important to cherish. You must reminisce of the fun times and special memories we experience, after all there are so that enter our lives, and then they are then gone, its important to capture them and to talk about the stories, to keep the memories alive.

The wedding photos truly reflect how magical that day was. I wanted to share them on my blog, so i wouldn’t forget them, and to express how thankful i was to be part of such as special day, ¬†as i have never felt so blessed to be apart of such a wonderful group of girls, standing together as the bridesmaids for the beautiful bride.





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