In response to the Daily Post weekly photo challenge: Admiration

When I saw this weeks photo challenge there was only one person that came to mind, and that was my mum. I have always admired her ability to look at life positively, with grace and with love. She reminds me that there is only a short amount of time that we get on this planet, and so she plans to live happily every day by doing the things she loves. Whether it’s just taking the dogs down to the river to watch them play, or planting new flowers in the garden, log hunting for fire wood, or doing a bit of DIY. It’s these small things that she enjoys which makes every day feel worth living. The big experiences are important to, and she says these can shape and define you as a person, whether it’s a career change, traveling or taking on a different hobby. My favourite saying of hers is ‘It’s important to have a little bit of everything’ and I definitely think this is true. I will always see my mum as the most amazing person, having brought up four children who all turned out pretty ok, she’s inspiring, encouraging and always there to help deal with life’s ups and downs, so thank you mum!



Mood Boards

I had forgotten how fun creating mood boards were, and how visually appealing they can be once you get all of your ideas down on one page. Throughout my time at school, college and uni I would always need to create some sort of mood board or ideas page before starting a design or art project- making the time to get all my scrappy ideas and thoughts from my head down on paper, printing visuals and snapping photos, it was the best bit!

So the reason for this post is to show a few mood boards I have created recently, as I have been getting all sorts of waves of inspiration which has been so refreshing! I started off with an ‘Oceans Bliss’ board, as I guess spring/summer is on the way and I have too much excitement for beach trips and the sea air!

ocean 1
Ocean Bliss


simple things

Pancake Sundays

The only way to start a valentines Sunday is to have pancakes for breakfast, and I went all out with a whole stack and extra toppings, with the greatest combination of ingredients out there- blueberries, maple syrup and bacon! I’d usually be up for making the homemade dodgier versions but there was no point messing around on a day like today, so the only place to do it right was Pickle & Rye…


Next stop, Richmond Park. Some well needed fresh air and exercise was needed to walk off those full stacks of goodness! As always the park was full of families and couples, some with their dogs, cycling or jogging, and as the sun appeared through the clouds this Sunday was made just a little bit brighter.

A cold walk then called for a Cafe Nero pit stop, or more like a few hours curled up on the sofa reading my new book (The Versions of Us), doing some back and forth research on Iceland (the next trip on my list), and taking a few trips to the counter to refuel on coffee and tea. It’s days like these I wish every day began with pancakes…

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