In response to the Daily Post weekly photo challenge: Admiration

When I saw this weeks photo challenge there was only one person that came to mind, and that was my mum. I have always admired her ability to look at life positively, with grace and with love. She reminds me that there is only a short amount of time that we get on this planet, and so she plans to live happily every day by doing the things she loves. Whether it’s just taking the dogs down to the river to watch them play, or planting new flowers in the garden, log hunting for fire wood, or doing a bit of DIY. It’s these small things that she enjoys which makes every day feel worth living. The big experiences are important to, and she says these can shape and define you as a person, whether it’s a career change, traveling or taking on a different hobby. My favourite saying of hers is ‘It’s important to have a little bit of everything’ and I definitely think this is true. I will always see my mum as the most amazing person, having brought up four children who all turned out pretty ok, she’s inspiring, encouraging and always there to help deal with life’s ups and downs, so thank you mum!



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