Lemon Drizzle Cake

Ahhh Lemon Drizzle Cake. It’s my total favourite, and with a cuppa tea it can really be one of the best things on this planet. I have been trying to perfect the recipe to get just the right amount of lemon inside the cake, and make the lemon glaze and drizzle just that little bit sweeter. So here we are, the recipe that makes this fine loaf of a cake!


You start with a basic sponge recipe (which is always the weight of an egg in flour, butter & sugar, doubled, tripled etc. depending how big you want your cake) and then drizzle it in lemon heaven..


3 large eggs (200g)

self raising flour (200g)

caster sugar (200g)

unsalted butter (room temp) (200g)

Zest of 2 lemons (but if you like lemon, zest another)!

*If using electric whisk add 1 small tsp baking powder

Now I like to add lemon drizzle and a lemon icing glaze, as I believe you can never have enough lemony goodness!


Juice of 1 lemon

7 tsp of caster sugar

Lemon glaze:

Juice of two lemons (ones you zested)

(150g) icing sugar

Grease a bread tin (about 24 x 10.4) & pre-heat your oven to 180C/350F.

Mix together your cake ingredients until you’re left with a nice smooth cake batter. Pour into your pan & bake for about 35-40mins. While you’re waiting, make the lemon drizzle by adding the lemon juice and caster sugar into a small pan, then heat up on the lowest temperature (as you don’t want it to get too hot) while mixing continuously  the sugar should start to dissolve into the juice, give it a little try after a minute or so and it should taste like a lemon syrup. Put to one side as this is your drizzle!  Then mix together your icing sugar & other lemon juice until totally smooth, pop it to one side and this is your lemon glaze to pour over the cake once cool. After 35mins check the cake by inserting a skewer into the middle, if it comes out clean it’s done. If not, give it a few mins more. When it’s ready use your skewer to poke holes all over the cake, all the way down to the bottom. Pour over your lemon drizzle while the cake is still warm so it can absorb all the lovely syrup. Then wait half an hour- hour before adding the glaze. Sometimes it’s nice to add in stages so that some does go down into the cake, but its up to you how you like it, as it’s always best served warm.





Iceland Countdown

The count down to my Icelandic adventure begins! In just under 42 hours I will be on my way to the land of volcanoes, geothermal pools, northern lights, epic waterfalls and furry Icelandic horses- I can’t wait to explore this amazing country! I have also heard that the Icelanders have an odd obsession with hot dogs, so hoping I come across a few hot dog stands along the way..

Be sure to check out my Iceland post full of photos and quick tips in a few days or so!  I will tell you about the places I explored and hopefully the hidden gems…that’s if I can find them first!



Today I started to design some new images for my blog re-fresh, and then with other thoughts to actually start a whole new blog from scratch, I began to play around with some of my favourite photographs and fonts.

‘Colour My Day’ was the initial idea for the new name of my blog, which sits boldly in front of my circular images, that are slightly faded and set as the background. Futura, Bebas Neue, Courier regular and Brush Script MT are the initial fonts that I used which suited my images, although there is still some re-jigging to do!

My favourite image is the sea one, so I decided to write some of my favourite words down in front of the image, almost like a poem to try and bring a story into the design. I chose to stick with the Futura font as it’s a simple style that doesn’t distract from the photo too much.

colour my day 11


Seasons change

Is it me, or has it been one of the warmest November’s!? It’s usually September that’s the Indian Summer month, but we are now nearly mid November and I have had no need for a scarf or woolly hat through this Autumn! Kind of disappointing seeing as I am a winter person, and love the cosy nights, wrapping up and feeling the cold crispy air on my face. Question is, when will the season change, as it still feels as though we are in a summer month!

I took this photo the other day, walking along the south bank, whilst coat was in hand. The sun was starting to appear through the mist at lunch time, it had lurked around all morning and once it was out, the warmth was incredible..

“Ornate” – Patterns in Nature

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Ornate.”

When I think of Ornate, I think of how patterns in nature are so extravagant, and so other worldly. I find macro Photography is great way at looking deeper into the subject form of nature’s patterns. From tree bark and the way it twists and turns, the vibrant oranges and yellow colours in stone structures, puddles creating shimmery mirrors reflecting light to the intricate veins running through leaves and petals, all should be admired. The creativity in Nature is endless, and so breathtakingly beautiful.

Weekly Photo Challenge: (Extra)ordinary

In response to The Daily Posts weekly photo challenge (Extra)ordinary

Sunlight, is my extraordinary, as without it we wouldn’t exist, and there would be nothing in this world. Those golden mornings, and sunset lit evenings can give so much beauty, just with a simple touch of sunlight. Sometimes that’s all you need to make you smile. 


Rain & Shine

Having had so much rain fall over the last few weeks there has been so many opportunities to take photos of the tremendous parting skies whilst on my dog walks.
The sky is one of my favourite things to photograph as it’s forever changing.





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