As I love to go and visit new places I thought it would be fun to write down each place I have been too and sum up that place with one of the photos I took there..

Paris- 2012

This hazy night in Paris just made for the most memorable photo- the whole night’s sky was turned bright orange by the Eiffel Tower’s beautiful bright light.

Eiffel Tower

Prague – dec 2104

The John Lennon wall was one of my favourite places here- such an inspiration and what a way to show it with all this graffiti dedicated to him!

20141221_152815 (1)

Rome- 2015

This photo is for remembering all of the hundreds of ice creams that were consumed whilst over this trip..well maybe not hundreds, but there were plenty of Gelato experiences! Mostly after 12pm as a midnight snack 🙂


The Lake District- May 2015

One of the best moments of my life- Reaching the summit of Helvellyn. A precarious and treacherous way through striding edge, but made it after four hours! It was the perfect day too as you could see for miles at the top!


Lanzarote- Jan 2016

This photo makes me remember the awesome nights I had chasing the sunsets in the car. Such beautiful skies were seen on that trip…


Val Thorens 2012- SUSSC Ski trip

This photo sums up the fun we all had at the Apres bar- 360. Every day we’d stop skiing from 4pm every day, get on the Peche and dance till the sun went down..












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